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Appendix: 2011/12 trip finances

Traveling around Asia for 8 months is incredibly affordable, as it turns out. We ate out nearly every meal, stayed in comfortable (but simple) guesthouses, and did our fair share of tourist excursions and going out at night. Not counting our flights to and from the U.S., we took 9 flights around Asia for $2200 total for two people and visited 10 countries at an average of $2,725 a month (including the aforementioned flights). Our entire trip, for 8 months, cost $19,075, of which $4,000 alone was for flights to and from the U.S. This number includes everything: food, travel, lodging souvenirs, clothes – everything. In Boston we were paying that much for our apartment alone! It is so encouraging that traveling the world can actually be a good way to save money by avoiding the high cost of living in the U.S., if you don’t carry significant debts or expenses back home.

Flights (total cost for 2 people): $6,311
Average total per month to travel (lodging/travel/food/souvenirs/everything): $2,725
Trip cost total: $19,075

Flights (prices are for TWO people, one-way)
US to Bangkok 2000
Phuket to Bali 170
Bali to Kuala Lumpur 190
KL to Phom Penh 240
Siem Reap to Kuala Lumpur 264
Kuala Lumpur to Sri Lanka 222
Sri Lanka to Delhi 305
Delhi to Kathmandu 310
Lukla roundtrip 570
Kathmandu to Boston 2040


Living totals (minus flights) Total cost Cost/day
Thailand Oct 12- Nov11 2090 70
Bali Nov 11-Dec1 1148 57
Cambodia Dec 1-19 1030 46
Laos Dec 19-Jan 12 1525 61
Thailand Jan 12-30 930 49
Cambodia Jan 30-Feb28 1385 46
Malaysia Feb 28- March 1 $213.00 106
Sri Lanka March 1-15 730 48
India (Mar 15-Apr 27) 1661 37
Nepal (Apr 27-May 18) 2052 93
TOTAL 12764

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