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Welcome to our very intermittent travel journal.

A little about this site…. Steph and I met in Barcelona, Spain during high school, and ever since have enjoyed taking trips to far-flung locales to experience and learn from places different from our own. But as great as these trips were, we were often left feeling that we’d barely gotten to know the people and places we had visited before having to return home; we had toured, but had yet to truly travel.

With this in mind, we decided that one day we would set aside some time to travel slowly, for a longer period of time. In September 2011, Steph finished her PhD, and there seemed no better time to make this dream of ours a reality. So we booked a one-way ticket to Thailand that October to start things off. This site served as a place to collect notes and anecdotes along that trip.

Fast forward 7 years to Spring 2019…

We’re back in Southeast Asia again–this time with two little girls in tote. While we’ve neglected to write on this blog in the years since we were last in Asia, we haven’t stopped our travels. Our aim is to start journaling here again, and hopefully even add some notes from trips we’ve done since.

Thanks for stopping by!

Scott and Steph in Nicaragua 2009