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Scenes from Vientiane, Laos

We’ve been a bit behind on the blog these days (we’ve been in Laos for 2 weeks already with nary a post!), so I’m going to sum up our first stop in the capital of Laos, Vientiane, with a couple of pictures. Overall, it was an extremely clean, small, uber laid-back place. Hard to believe it was a capital city!

Approaching the city, the “Arch du Laos” (a small replica of that in Paris :)) looms in the distance:

Arch Du Laos

Typical night out in Laos: whole roasted fish, large Lao Beer, 5 year old kids playing on (and actually driving) motorcycles:
IMG_3938 IMG_3941 IMG_3940 IMG_3939

Old U.S. Air Force jackets leftover from the Vietnam War can be found all over the night markets. I wonder what Richie is up to these days:

Even though the majority of the country is Buddhist, occasionally we would find a place decorated for Christmas:

Xmas Lights in Laos

Laos Christmas Tree

Monks out for a stroll along the Mekong River, the banks of Thailand in the distance:



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