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Haircuts around the world: Cambodia edition

In keeping up with the “haircuts around the world” series, Scott recently received his second of the trip!

This time, the setting was street-side in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where young men set up barber chairs and vanity desks underneath umbrellas, offering their barber skills for around a dollar a cut. All the while, the city bustles around you with steaming food stalls, swirls of dust kicked up by motorcycles, and monks walking by. There’s no power supply, so even the “clippers” for buzzing shorter hair are manually powered with scissor handles.

Haircut, Phnom Penh

Haircut, Phnom Penh

Unfortunately, much like the last one, this haircut turned out looking great. The barber did, at least, send Scott away with a sweet faux-hawk, which Scott couldn’t WAIT to get rid of as soon as we were out of view of the barber. Ah well, maybe next time will be more exciting…  🙂

Scott: 2, Barbers: 0

Haircut, Phnom Penh

Haircut, Phnom Penh




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